What is it?

Nature is constantly seeking balance.  The same is true in social settings.  We humans seek balance in our groups.  Whether at home or at work, when our social circles are well balanced, we live harmonious, productive lives.  Throw that balance off, and chaos ensues, both within the group and our bodies.  It is at times such as these, that intervention is required to reestablish balance and regain our health.


How does this method work?

In a typical session, a specific problem is addressed where the participants of the problem are viewed from a new perspective with the assistance of a facilitator who helps reveal clues of the subconscious that allow a better understanding of the situation and integration of solutions.

Who benefits from this?

Typically, in a systemic consultation, we address patterns that we have tendencies to repeat without full awareness of why we do so.

The methodology used allows framing and addressing a large number of situations, whether these from the social, personal, health, or even organizational forum. The techniques being used help to understand the imbalances in the system as well as possible solutions for it


What are the results?

When imbalances are relieved and understood the patient is empowered to make better decisions and initiate corrective attitudes that benefit not only themselves, but everyone in the system.


How long does it take?

Sessions usually lasts between  60 and 90 minutes


Who is my therapist?

Vânia Magalhães