What to visit

What to do

Avianense - Chocolate Factory


Immediately next to Naturena, Avianense still makes chocolate the same way it has for over 100 years, making it the oldest chocolate factory in Portugal. Enjoy the interactive museum and learn all about the chocolate making process.
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
Distance: 300m

Durrães Church


With a fantastic view over the valley, the church of St. Bartholomew in Durrães is a must stop for all who wish to know the region.
Distance: 950m

Durrães Dry Bridge

ponte seca durraes naturena

Also known as the Durrães Viaduct, this 19th-century structure is 22 metres high and 255 metres long with 16 identical stone arches, each spanning eight and a half meters, resting on solid stone pillars.
Distance: 1.4km

Neiva River and River Beaches

rio neiva

The River Neiva rises in the Sierra de Oural in Vila Verde and flows into Viana do Castelo (between Castelo do Neiva and Antas).The route along the bank offers beautiful moments of rest and proximity to nature.
Distance: 750m – 3km

Valinhas Park

parque das valinhas naturena spa medicina integrativa

Located in Serra da Padela, it is a paradise of native vegetation with excellent access. It features a lake with fish and water lilies, fields to wander, shaded groves and picnic area with stone benches.
Distance: 4.4Km

Almerinda (Pic-Nic) Park

azenha naturena ecohotel turismo spa bio restaurante
Pic-nic park and river beach next to The Almerinda Azenha. Well shaded path, ideal for relaxing and walking along the banks of the Neiva River.
Distance 9.2Km

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida

santuario nossa senhora aparecida saúde ecohotel turismo rural naturena
The Sanctuary was built on the site where, according to legend, Mary appeared in 1702 to pastor João Alves, whose body lies inside the chapel. The chapel is built on a large rock – the site of the apparition. The annual pilgrimage of Senhora da Aparecida takes place on August 15.
Distance: 3.7Km

Ponte das Tábuas River Beach

ponte tabuas naturena santiago turismo alojamento local eco bio restaurante e spa
Situated at the far end of Aguiar, Balugães and Cossourado parishes, The Tábuas Bridge has existed since at least 1135, and it is still in use today by dozens of pilgrims on their walk to Santiago de Compostela.
Distance: 3.9Km

Cabedelo Beach

cabedelo praia naturena spa ecoturismo vegan hotel medicina integrativa
This is the first beach, south of the Lima River, and it has two areas. The north area is sandy and known for high winds, making it an ideal for those who enjoy extreme sports such as windsurfing.  The southern area is also sandy, but it is more sheltered from the wind.
Distance 18Km

The Sanctuary of Santa Luzia - Viana do Castelo

sta luzia alojamento local turismo rural naturena spa bio vegan medicina integrativa
Located 228m above the city, the view from the sanctuary is stunning and inspiring.   From here, one can see all of Viana do Castelo, the River LIma, the surrounding mountains and far out to see.  Once ranked as one of the top five most spectacular views in the world, it has lost none of it’s wonder.  It is a great place to take in the beauty of Northern Portugal.
Distance: 24Km

Paddle Ball

In Naturena there is a padel field that allows you to enjoy a fantastic landscape while having fun and exercising with friends and family. Rackets and balls are available for our guests.

Swimming in the Eco Pool (without chlorine)

eco piscina sem cloro água salgada epsom ecoturismo naturena saúde medicina integrativa
At Naturena’s EcoPool you can enjoy a wonderful therapeutic swim with water enriched with Epsom salts and without chlorine. The swimming pool is only open during the summer months.

Bike Tour


We have at your disposal bicycles so you can get to know the whole region on wheels and at your own pace!

Surf (Arda Surf School)


With super experienced monitors in surfing, at Arda Surf School classes are always suitable for each other’s experience.
You can choose between group class, private class or simply board and suit rental.
The available modalities are: Surf, bodyboard, stand up paddle, bodysurf and functional training.
Distance: 18Km

Adventure Center (Pentieiros)

centro aventura naturena
A 35-minute drive from Natruena, their motto is “Adventures in total safety and with lots of fun”.

The programmes are age and experience appropriate.  They include:
Climbing, Paintball, River kayaking, Bike rental, Zorb ball, Bungee jumping, Horseback riding, Canoeing, Target shooting, Hiking, Much more!
Time: 9.00-19.00
Distance: 25Km

Aventure Park TimeOut

Located in Ponte de Lima, The Adventure TimeOut Park emphasizes adventure sports: Team building, hiking, climbing, rappelling, canoeing, slide, paintball, mountain biking, tree climbing, orientation, peddy paper, treasure hunting, archery, mountaineering, canyoning, stand up paddle, disc golf, geocaching, etc.
Distance: 15Km

Barefoot Eco park


Here’s a park that encourages all visitors to play outdoors. It’s almost “mandatory” to jump, roll and get dirty.  You enter with your shoes on, but before long you are going barefoot in sheer, childhood euphoria.
Mini football, sopragol, pedal karts, mini-slide, arborism mini-circuit, chess, checkers and giant dominoes are just some of the park’s attractions.
Distance: 9Km

D'Alvarenga Pedagogical Farm

naturena atividades ecoturismo crianças animais spa bio restaurante
Located in Alvito S. Pedro parish, The Pedagógcia D’Alvarenga Farm is a place to encounter nature in every way.  There are farm animals, open fields and a plethora of outdoor activities like: golf, horseback riding, arborism, slide, rappel, climbing, paintball, cultural tours.
Distance: 12Km

Barcelos Weekly Fair

feira barcelos naturena ecoturismo saúde medicina integrativa spa bio vegan

Some say the Barcelos Fair is a living encyclopedia of the city, and those who have already visited understand why. The fair is dedicated to the traditional handicrafts of Minho, in all of its forms: ceramics, wood, basketry and mating and embroidery.
Held on Thursdays in Campo da Feira