For more than a decade we have provided people with a unique approach to wellness. One that embraces the very best of western medicine, while at the same time incorporating the time tested remedies of antiquity. A holistic alternative to health management that keeps us connected to the world around us. Here on our farm, nestled in the serenity of Alto Minho we have to offer:

Integrative and Holistic Medicine Clinic
Natural Treatments
100% Organic & Plant based restaurant
Eco Hotel
Organic Store
Workshops and Events
Spa treatments
Paddle Field
Health programs
And much, much more!

Our Mission

We believe that to be human is to be part of a greater WHOLE. That our lives and well-being are deeply dependent on the relationships we have established with the planet and those around us.

We strive to achieve through teaching, healthy practices and natural treatments a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being that allows each of us to live to their maximum potential in health and oneness with the world around us.

Our Values


We believe in a union of the old and the new. The East and the West. The conventional and the alternative working together in harmony. We combine the very best of modern medicine with the time proven techniques of antiquity to achieve the very best result for you today.

Holistic view of the body

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, addressing people in their entirety, in all of their various facets. We believe that a problem is only truly conquered when all aspects of the human condition are in balance: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


We believe that within each of us there lyes untapped potential waiting to be released. Through teaching, motivation and counseling, we seek to unleash that potential in each of our clients.


We respect our past, our present and our future. We strive to implement practices that respect the environment for today and the generations that will follow us. We have a responsibility to this world, and we know that our actions make a difference.

Respect for all living things

We believe that all creatures great or small, have the same right to this planet. We all play a fundamental role in the ecosystem, and we have a responsibility to ensure our existence does not have a negative impact on the existence of others.

Social Respect

We recognize that we have a responsibility not only to our local community but to our global one. We strive to ensure that our practices consider and respect all those involved in the supply chain. We choose (whenever possible) for local and fair-trade products.

Natural Life

We acknowledge that, regrettably, we are not born with an owner’s manual. That said, we believe that it is in Nature that we find the best examples of how to live a full and balanced life.


We accept that, despite our best efforts, there is a limit to human knowledge. We believe that we distinguish ourselves in our ability to admit these limitations and yet strive to grow.
Services and treatments can be enjoyed individually or combined with one of our therapeutic programs for a more tailored transformative experience.

Naturena… Care for thyself… naturally!