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FAQ - Clinic

1How do I start? What type of treatment is best suited for me ?
We recommend starting with the Integrative and Holistic Medicine consultation, where a general check-up of the health status of each person is conducted. The internal state of the body is evaluated and the biggest existing imbalances are detected. Following this, a set of specific treatments can be recommended according to the health status of each one.
2I consider myself healthy and just want to have a check-up. Is that possible?
Absolutely! Ideally, Integrative Medicine is meant as a preventive measure to catch an imbalance before it occurs.
3Do I need to make an appointment or can I just show up on the day?
Please, yes! Your time is valuable. An appointment is the best way that we can guarantee that your time is not wasted.
4What happens if I miss the appointment?
A few days before your appointment you will be contacted to confirm your appointment. In the eventuality of missing the consultation or rescheduling with less than 24hours notice, the full price of the consult must be payed.
5What are the clinic's hours?
We are here to serve you from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesday thru Saturday!
6How do I make an appointment?
For your convenience you can call us at: (+351 258 778 514 / 963 585 011), or email us at: clinica@naturena.pt, or if you would rather, use our contact form.
7Does Naturena have emergency services?
We do not. Please, in case of emergency, use your local emergency services.
8Does Naturena accept insurance companies?
At the present time we don’t have contracts with any.
9What treatments and therapies are available?
We offer a wide range of therapeutic options. Please visit our Treatments and Therapies section where you can get to know all we offer at the clinic.
10What treatments are recommended for my problem?
Each person is unique, for this reason we recommend beginning with the Integrative and Holistic Medicine Consultation in order to ascertain the health status and treatments that may be more suitable for each case.
11I just want to do treatments without consultation, is it possible?
Of course! Although a general evaluation is recommended beforehand, our suite of services is available á la carte. We only ask that you realize that prior approval may be required for some treatments.
12What is the difference between "classical Western" medicine and integrative medicine?
Although both are practiced by licensed medical professionals, in Western medicine the health problem is often seen as an isolated, invasive agent that must be removed and fought at all costs. Another characteristic of allopathic (classical) medicine is that most of its treatments only address the symptoms and not the root of the problem. Conventional treatments are usually chemical (drugs and chemotherapy), surgical and radiation (radiotherapy) based. Aspects such as diet, emotions and lifestyle habits are often ignored in the treatment. For its part, Integrative Medicine, in addition to conventional classical knowledge, draws much of its knowledge from other forms of treatment (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Osteopathy, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, etc.) in order to offer a more complete treatment to the patient. In an integrative approach, the disease state is not seen as an isolated entity, but rather a manifestation of a weakened body. In order to address the root of the problem, Integrative Medicine seeks beyond the relief of symptoms, the correction of the source of the problem so that it does not return. To achieve these results, Integrative Medicine most often prefers to resort to natural treatments that, instead of weakening the body's vital energy, make it stronger and more resistant so that it can, by itself, correct any dysfunction.

FAQ - Hotel & Spa

1What are the hotel's operating hours?
Check-in time is between 14h-18h, with a leisurely Check-out time of 12pm.
2Can I check-in after hours?
Of course! Just let us know when you book your stay, what time you plan to arrive. We’ll be sure to leave the lights on for you!
3What activities can I enjoy during my stay?
Wow! There’s just too many to list here. But check out our “what to do” page. We listed a bunch of them there!
4Is there a discount if I use the clinic and the hotel at the same time?
Absolutely! If you wish to stay on the premises during your treatments, we do offer a discount. Just ask!
5Is the hotel pet-friendly?
We sure are! We know how important pets are to your well being. Bring them along to enjoy the property! Of course, we do ask that you follow a few rules for everyone's health and safety, but we look forward to meeting your fur-babies!
6What are the Spa’s operating hours?
The Spa is available to you from Tuesday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Be sure to make your appointment in advance.
7How do I schedule a session?
For your convenience you can call us at: +351 258 778 514 / 963 585 011, or email us at: clinica@naturena.pt, or if you would rather, use our contact form.
8Is there an additional cost to use the pool or gym?
They are all a part of your stay. Enjoy!
99. May I use the Padel field, what's the time?
For our Hotel Guests the Padel field is always available. If you need equipment, we do ask for a refundable security deposit.

FAQ - Restaurant & Organic Shop

1What are the restaurant's operating hours?
The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Lunch is served from 12:00- 14:30 Breakfast service: 9:00 - 11:00 Cafeteria Service: 14:30 to 17:00
2What are the store's operating hours?
Our Organic store is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 9.00 to 17:00
3Are there special conditions for groups or companies?
There are. Please contact us for more information.
4How can I get in touch?
For your convenience you can call us at: (+351 258 778 514 / 963 585 011), or email us at: clinica@naturena.pt, or if you would rather, use our contact form.
5Is there a Take-Away option?
Sure! We have Take-away until 14.30. Just ask!
6Does the restaurant serve dinner?
The restaurant only serves lunch, Tuesday to Saturday. For large groups the restaurant can be used for dinner, but you will need to make arrangements in advance. The majority of our clients ask for a Take-away meal for dinner time.