Welcome to Naturena Eco-Hotel!

A place to think about you, the world around you and how you fit and live together
We are proudly a renowned destination for health tourism and sustainability in Northern Portugal
With 12 bedrooms, 2 bungalows, 2 fully equipped kitchens available 24 hours, free parking and a team willing to help you in what you need, in Naturena you will find exactly what you need for your well-being
Outside, you can enjoy an amazing chlorine-free swimming pool treated with Magnesium salts (available during the summer months). We also offer a paddle ball court, hiking trails, picnic areas, and dozens of other activities at your disposal in the vicinity.
All meals at Naturena are prepared using only the freshest, all organic ingredients.
To make your experience even more complete, why not have a day at the spa, purchase organic produce at our store, go for an Integrative Medicine consultation or even allow yourself some natural treatments for your well-being

Take a deep breath and feel at home!