To schedule your appointment, please call 258 778 514 (landline) / 963 585 011 (mobile) or use our contact form.

After scheduling, you should receive confirmation of the date and time of your appointment by email or SMS.

Try to arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment. For sessions lasting approximately 1h, the maximum tolerance is 15min, after which we will not be able to guarantee your session.



Except in emergency situations (duly justified), absences and cancellations that occur within a period of less than 24 hours from the date of consultation require payment of the full amount. Two consecutive cancellations also require advance payment for the next appointment.

Not only can the clinician avoid wasting time and unnecessary costs in time to notify a cancellation, but also free up that time so that another patient can take advantage of this vacancy for their own appointment.

Thanks for understanding,