What is it?

Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation (Dynamic Electro-Neuro-Adaptive Stimulation) or simply DENAS is a Russian technology equipment (SCENAR) which, through the stimulation of electrical current along the spine with specific frequencies, can achieve therapeutic results in a wide range of pathologies.

denas naturena contraturas

How does it work?

The person lies down with their back aligned on the equipment and quickly begins to feel the electrical flow being emitted by the 48 electrodes along the spine.

To achieve the desired therapeutic effects, pulses of 5 specific frequencies (20, 60, 77, 140 and 200 Hz) are transmitted to the body in order to obtain the desired therapeutic effect. Discharges of these frequencies act like a massage, but without the physical impact.

Electricity stimulates the muscles, relaxing them, removing spasms and increasing the supply of oxygen to the area. Furthermore, since the electrical impulses generated are similar to those in the central nervous system, they positively affect the body.


How long does it take?

A treatment lasts on average between 10 to 25 minutes.



This equipment is safe for both children and adults, with no contraindications.



  • Quick pain relief.
  • Relief from Fatigue.
  • Relief from chronic pain.
  • Tension relief.
  • Relief from muscular pain.


 The effects are felt right after the first session!