Integrative Oncology


Removal of accumulated toxins that prevent proper body functioning.

Strengthen the immune system to better tolerate conventional treatments

Nourishing the body by preventing sarcopenia (muscle loss) and nutritional deficiencies

Usage of natural products with proven anti-cancer effect

Minimize the risk of metastases

Who is this for?

People undergoing Radio and/or Chemotherapy

People looking for natural alternatives to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

People seeking to minimize the toxic effects of conventional treatments

People wishing to complement conventional treatment with a more holistic and integrative approach.


After a first consultation, a specific program is designed for each person, taking into account the type of tumor and the health status of each person.


For example: in some cases the priority may be to detoxify the body, others may be nourishing vitamin deficiencies, other cases may be to minimize the effects of chemo and radiotherapy and in other cases the proposal may include complementary treatments to conventional chemotherapy.

Individualized Plan adapted to the needs of each body

Follow-up and support in all disease states

Natural Therapies and Treatments

Healthy Food and Natural Suplementation

Other complementary treatments

Program Plan

We begin with the Integrative Medicine Consultation and the Bio Electric Terrain Analysis (BTA).  Afterward, we may propose any one or a combination of complementary treatments such as:

  • Oncologic Liquid Biopsy (RGCC).
  • Individualized food plan catered to your needs.
  • Natural medicines.
  • Other complementary treatments
  • Psychotherapy methods.

Most of the plan is fulfilled at home, however the patient may need to visit the clinic regularly for treatments and periodic  re-evaluation. 

However, staying at our Eco-Hotel is also an option.  This is particularly convenient for more intensive treatments or for people living far/abroad.