Immune Booster


Strengthen immune system.

Balance pH and free radical levels

Combat pathogens.

Nourishing the body with micro and macronutrients necessary for an adequate immune response.

Enhance repair processes inherent to the body.

Correct chronic inflammatory processes.

Recommended for

Inflammatory processes.

Autoimmune diseases

Oncological pathologies

Neurodegenerative diseases

Viral, bacterial, fungal and related infections

Program  Chart

The program below is merely a suggestion.
We always recommend individually tailoring any program after an initial evaluation to best meet one’s needs and goals.

7 days 15 days 21 days
Integrative and Holistic Medicine Consultation
1 2 2
Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA) 1 2 2
Individualized Healthy Food Plan      
Ozonetherapy 3 sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions
Colonic Therapy 3 sessions 5 sessions 6 sessions
Individualized Endovenous Therapy
(Vitamin C / Gluthatione)
3 sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions
LIRC (Whole Body hyperthermia) 3 sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions
Spectrum Frequency 2 sessions 4 sessions 6 sessions
Cell Pulse 3 sessions 6 sessions 9 sessions

Complementary programs:

  • Half-board accommodation with access to the swimming pool, gym and paddle ball court
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Psychology Consultation
  • Rebirthing Sessions
  • Floating
  • Massage Therapy and/or Relaxation