What is it?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is the name usually given to the set of traditional medicine practices used in China and developed over thousands of years.

This includes several methods, techniques and treatment, the most prominent being Acupuncture, Massage Tui Na, Chi Kung and Chinese Phytotherapy.


How is the evaluation done?

The therapist conducts an examination/evaluation of the patient, from which a diagnosis is made according to the principles of yin/yang, the theory of the five elements and the meridian system (energy channels) of the human body.



  • Acupuncture – The application of needles, in specific points of the body to obtain therapeutic effect in the various pathologies.
  • Massage Tui Na – A form of Chinese massage often used in conjunction with other techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Moxibustion – The application of heat in specific regions of the body  to improve and energy flow throughout the body.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine – The use of plants and supplements for therapeutic purposes
  • Auriculopuncture – Through the application of needles or spheres to the ear, very interesting results are achieved in the control of numerous pathologies.


How long does it take?

Consultations normally last about an hour.  Based on the initial visit and evaluation, subsequent treatments may be longer and may be combined with other techniques.


Who is my doctor?

Prof. Alfredo Castanho