What is it?

Rebirthing or connected breathing technique is a safe, transformative practice that, with the guidance of a therapist, helps the patient access deep layers of the emotional and psychic body where the vast majority of blockages are present. In this connected state of breathing, decisions become clearer and intuitions about our daily lives and healing processes may arise.



How does it work ?

Under a therapist’s supervision and guidance, the patient uses breathing techniques to hyperoxygenate their body.  This energizes the cells and releases old, residual, traumatic experiences and replaces them with a sense of renewal and rebirth.

The goal of this method is to discover the true essence of who we are and find the confidence and courage to fully express this truth in all areas of life.

The impact of this method is tangible because everything is lived by the person’s mind-body, requiring no belief except in first-hand experiences.



Who benefits from this?

People suffering from:

  • Birth traumas and fetal age.
  • Traumatic childhood experiences.
  • Traumatic experiences in adulthood.
  • Conscious and nonconscious negative patterns and beliefs.
  • Patterns of victimism.
  • Difficulty making choices in life.
  • Negative emotional load.
  • People looking for experiences of mental clarity.


In addition to its use as a therapeutic tool for emotional/psychic healing, the Renaissance can and should be explored by individuals seeking a transformative experience to expand their consciousness. 



How long is the consultation?

In a typical session, 60 minutes are dedicated to the practice of assisted breathing with another 30 minutes to evaluate and integrate the insights obtained


Responsável pela Consulta

Drª Sílvia Gomes