What is it?

Osteopathy emphasizes physical manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones. An osteopath is a doctor that focuses on the physical manipulation of the tissues, muscles, and bones and views the body as a whole rather than focusing on a specific area of the body.



How does it work?

Simply put, osteopathy involves mobilization and manipulation of joints, muscles and soft tissues.  This involves a variety of techniques including massage to help the body relax thus alleviating pain and stiffness and allowing a person to return to normal.


Who benefits from it?

Osteopathy is an effective treatment for any kind of persistent muscular pain such as back, neck, shoulder, but it is also effective for those with more chronic and debilitating ailments such as scoliosis, disc herniations, torticollis, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel.

Osteopathy also has proven benefits in the treatment of chronic headaches and migraines, digestive problems, irritability, insomnia, depression, vertigo, glaucoma, and many other issues not normally associated with musculature.



How long does the consultation last?

A normal osteopathy session lasts about an hour.

As the body needs time to adapt to the osteopath’s manipulations, a follow-up session may be required every 2-3 months, depending on the individual.



Who is my doctor?

Flávia Faria O.D.