We breathe more than 20,000 times a day, mostly unconsciously, meaning we do not realize that we are breathing or how we are doing it. We exchange over 10,000 liters of air daily with the environment, which is the most intense relationship we have with the world. This relationship lasts a lifetime, starting with the first inhalation and ending with the last exhalation.

The Bioflow® Breathing technique aims to reconnect us with the essence of who we are. Through sessions focused on connected and conscious breathing, it is possible to access suppressed memory records that govern our life and block our potential. Through Bioflow, we have the opportunity to review our unconscious behavior and choose a better and healthier path for our lives, with more responsibility and emotional awareness.

respiração bioflow

How Does It Work?

Breathing is a pathway to explore what we unconsciously want or do not want to feel. Depending on the type of emotion we are experiencing, our breathing pattern changes. For instance, when we are afraid, our breath becomes shorter and faster (or inhibited). And when we feel relaxed, like when we arrive home and lay on the couch, for example, we take deeper and more pleasant breaths.

Our unconscious mind established in the past the situations in which it was wiser to disconnect from feelings in order to minimize suffering. For this reason, it caused us to breathe less. When our brain determines that there are things it doesn’t want to feel, it triggers our body to habitually breathe less and with deviations.

During a Bioflow® Breathing session, you are taught to breathe gently, lightly, and consciously for a little over an hour. During this time, the Bioflow® practitioner guides some small adjustments to your breathing following the technique’s protocol. These adjustments correct minor respiratory deviations that we all possess. Correcting these deviations enhances perception, and the person, who is in a state of self-observation, can gradually connect with deeper layers of emotions. This connection may initially occur through physical sensations, mental insights into thoughts, or beliefs (life approaches) that were previously overlooked.

Consciously observing this process, coupled with the tailored breathing technique, facilitates the processing and reintegration of these emotions in a more updated and efficient manner in our life.


The Bioflow Method can:

  • Help master stress and live better;
  • Encourage setting healthy boundaries in relationships;
  • Enhance the ability to observe emotions and limiting beliefs to change negative behavior patterns;
  • Foster a more efficient interpretation of life’s challenges;
  • Allow the development of latent potentials (recognizing all we are capable of);
  • Create conditions for cultivating more balance and inner peace.



A Bioflow session lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours.

During this period, exercises involving connected circular breathing are performed, and the session concludes with 20 to 30 minutes of rest and relaxation to integrate and reframe any memories or processes that arise.